• Group exhibition at Texture museum, march 2023, in collaboration with Memento, Letterzetter and the city of Kortrijk.
  • Book presentation November 27, 2021 “Het uitzicht der dingen”. With live performance.
  • Exhibition for Outsiderwear festival in Amsterdam from 11 to 24 July 2021 in @Droog.
  • An essay on social artistic projects. And what we can learn from it in shaping our new generation.
  • Upcoming exhibition on June 18, 19, 20 and 21: Johan Vanderschelden and Klaas De Baere worked together in a studio as two equal artists. The visual work is created through a continuous dialogue. The result of their collaboration will be displayed in the exhibition at the end of June at O.666 in Ostend. With the support of: Arts In Society Award, De Zandberg and Cera Foundation.
  • Upcoming. Stijn Streuvel project 2021: Eight Illustrators and writers, rework the work of the writer Stijn Streuvels. The final result will be published.
  • 2020 City Festival of Damme: A poetry walk based on the poem “Garden Sculptures” by Hugo Claus.
  • Solo exhibition “Flemish shapes” 2019. With voice over by Kris Cuppens.
  • “Het Paleis” in Antwerp 2018: At the occasion of “Het Niks” in theater house “Het Paleis”. Klaas made five Illustrations, which were exhibited in the theater house. In collaboration with eight other illustrators.
  • SECONDroom Ghent 2018: Klaas made a play with his Illustrations on the poem “women falling” From Daniil Garms. 
  • MSK museum voor schone kunsten 2018, performance “Le moindre geste” choreographers Selma and Sofiane Ouissi. 
  • Illustration installation at 002, “Flemisch shapes” 2018.
  • La ballet C de la B, Sacre du printemps, performance art in society 2017.
  • Museum night Antwerp 2017, performance “eb en Vloed” with actress Kato De Vylder.
  • Performance for artist Geneva Jacuzzi at Gouvernement 2017.
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