Nostalgia, an intriguing and deeply personal emotion, with an inherent connection to time, space and context. Space and context serve as powerful catalysts for nostalgia.
Whether it’s the dusty attic of a family home, a sprawling countryside landscape or a bustling city street, these locations have the ability to evoke a deep sense of longing for days gone by.
My interest in the concept of nostalgia led me to embark on a fascinating exploration of how images can evoke a universal sense of nostalgia that transcends cultural boundaries and geographic barriers. By delving into the recognition of childhood memories and common symbolism and forms, my work strives to distill the essence of nostalgia, allowing viewers to tap into their own memories and connect with a shared sense of longing.
This research came about through my exhibition in the Texture museum of flax and textiles, and developed further in my studio.
This resulted in an image that was further developed on a Jacquard loom of which I made a limited series that I will launch in two weeks.

  • Artist talk with Toon Delanote at the DESIGN DRINKS & TALKS of Design Region Kortrijk. March 2023
  • Group exhibition at Texture museum, march 2023, in collaboration with Memento, Letterzetter and the city of Kortrijk.
  • Book presentation November 27, 2021 “Het uitzicht der dingen”. With live performance.
  • Exhibition for Outsiderwear festival in Amsterdam from 11 to 24 July 2021 in @Droog.
  • An essay on social artistic projects. And what we can learn from it in shaping our new generation.
  • Upcoming exhibition on June 18, 19, 20 and 21: Johan Vanderschelden and Klaas De Baere worked together in a studio as two equal artists. The visual work is created through a continuous dialogue. The result of their collaboration will be displayed in the exhibition at the end of June at O.666 in Ostend. With the support of: Arts In Society Award, De Zandberg and Cera Foundation.
  • Upcoming. Stijn Streuvel project 2021: Eight Illustrators and writers, rework the work of the writer Stijn Streuvels. The final result will be published.
  • 2020 City Festival of Damme: A poetry walk based on the poem “Garden Sculptures” by Hugo Claus.
  • Solo exhibition “Flemish shapes” 2019. With voice over by Kris Cuppens.
  • “Het Paleis” in Antwerp 2018: At the occasion of “Het Niks” in theater house “Het Paleis”. Klaas made five Illustrations, which were exhibited in the theater house. In collaboration with eight other illustrators.
  • SECONDroom Ghent 2018: Klaas made a play with his Illustrations on the poem “women falling” From Daniil Garms. 
  • MSK museum voor schone kunsten 2018, performance “Le moindre geste” choreographers Selma and Sofiane Ouissi. 
  • Illustration installation at 002, “Flemisch shapes” 2018.
  • La ballet C de la B, Sacre du printemps, performance art in society 2017.
  • Museum night Antwerp 2017, performance “eb en Vloed” with actress Kato De Vylder.
  • Performance for artist Geneva Jacuzzi at Gouvernement 2017.

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